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Mistakes to be wary of

Undoubtedly, the wedding day is the most important day in a couple’s lifetime. And, the next important one is the memories of the D-day. Couples mostly hire professionals for wedding photography and videography.


Mistakes People Make

However, some common mistakes made by couples can ruin wedding videos and photographs.

Here’s a list of the mistakes couples must be wary of.

  • Wedding budgets are high and couples often try to cut corners. In a bid to do so, they make the mistake of hiring a wedding videographer, who fits into their budget rather than checking their skills. The right thing is to do due research before hiring.
  • Some couples go even further in budgeting by removing the wedding videographer completely. They often repent later. However, capturing memories of important occasions like these are important.
  • In fact, some couples even request their friend, who is good with the camera to shoot the wedding. However, lack of professionalism and experience mostly fail to deliver the best results.
  • Wedding video trends keep changing. They come and go. The style you find humorous and interesting now may not feel the same at a later date. It is better to go for an evergreen style.


  • Couples often keep a lot of information to themselves and fail to share the same with the wedding videographer. However, not sharing information leads to problems later. Communication with the professional is an essential for the best wedding videos and photographs. Expressing your requirements, introduction with family and friends and more so are essential.
  • Not finalizing the wedding days and dates with the videographer can lead to a complete mess.

With all these in place and a professional like Ridge Weddings, you are bound to get the best wedding videos with memories to be treasured for a lifetime.

Capture your Wedding with Photography


A wedding is not only the union of two minds but also a period of starting a new journey with the presence of your family members. It is the moment of taking the vow to be with your lady love in all through the life. This big day requires a grand preparation that will be complemented by food, music, dance and many more.

As you would too busy on that day, there is a possibility that you can miss some of the great moment that you may like to cherish with your better-half. The ideal way to frame the moments along with songs and senses is to hire weddings photographers and videographers. While the photographers will present some still moments before you, the videographers will add life to it with emotions, songs and music. And to make the most of wedding photography and videography, hire experienced professionals.

There are several studios that offer both of the services. However, before you choose one make sure of the fact whether they are reputable in this field or not. Ridge Weddings is a one-stop shop for the ones who want to frame their wedding in a movie-like manner. All of their professionals are certified and have hands-on experience in this field. You can get any of the services at reasonable prices from them.

The Reason Why Everyone Love Event Videography


It may be your graduation party, the graduation ceremony, a medal receiving ceremony or your big fat wedding day; a video capturing the smiles, tears, excitement and joy is a must-have. Yes, there are your buddies, relatives and others, as happy and excited as you are who are ready with phones, camera and the adrenaline rush to click the best pictures and create memorable memories.

However, without offense to their skills and excitement, what if they miss capturing the moment the dean adorns the graduation cap on your head? What if they miss the moment you ring the finger of your childhood sweetheart? What if their phone rings at the most important and precious moment of the ceremony?

You certainly would not want this. This is the reason why most couples and others understand the importance of event videography and hire the best wedding videographers, Los Angeles to capture their most important moments.

Yes, you need to shell out bucks, but the memories, which last forever and ever, will always seem worth the expenditure even for the next twenty to twenty five years.

So, you are convinced, but don’t know where to go.

Here’s Ridge Weddings, offering the best skills, best people and complete professionalism for event videography as well as wedding videography. They are trained, skilled and experienced at their job. They value the important moments and understand that these remain for a lifetime, and must be thus, captured properly with the right technique and art. What’s more, they create wedding videos with different styles in accordance with the client’s choice and style.

Don’t believe us?

Visit their website and watch the many mesmerizing videos and photographs taken by the experts.

Once convinced, contact them at

For the Best Destination Wedding Videos

It’s your wedding and you want to make true all the dreams you have nurtured over the years. You will definitely have a long list of chores to be done. You may not do all of them yourself, but you will have to find the best vendors to fulfill the long list of tasks to utmost perfection. The most important vendor among these is the destination wedding videographer.

Points to Consider

You spend a good number of bucks and a whole lot of time and energy in planning and carrying out your destination wedding. So, when it’s done and over, the wedding video shot by the most unique wedding videographer will be the only memory of your special day. This is what makes wedding videography highly important.

To ensure hiring the best destination wedding videographer, glance at the tips mentioned below.


  • Wedding budgets are high and mostly make your bank accounts bleed profusely. Most brides and grooms therefore, axe the budget for wedding photography and videography. However, it is advisable to avoid skimping on the budget. You rather cut the corners in other unimportant things.
  • Hiring a local videographer at the destination is beneficial, as they are well-versed with the venue at the destination.
  • While finding the best wedding videographer at the destination, if you are not convinced with anyone, it is advisable to fly a destination wedding videographer to shoot the most important day of your lifetime.

Both the options are good depending on the situation.

Experts at Ridge Production Weddings are highly experienced, skilled, and possess the expertise to shoot the best wedding videos and photographs. What’s more, they also visit the destination of your choice to shoot and create the best wedding videos and click the best photographs.

For further details, contact them at

Let Your Wedding Video be the Storyteller


The wedding is a journey of togetherness. It is a journey with your-friend, philosopher, guide, love, or any name that you want to give her; a journey to traverse the avenue of life where hurdles may come but you can overcome it confidently with your better-half.

In this season of love (Valentines month) what do you want to gift your lady? She has given her heart, so, present your title to her.


Your dream, hope, emotion are related to this D-day of your life. You prepare a lot to make the most of the day. However, in the hustle and bustle of the activities, you may miss the moment when your lady walks down the aisle or the blush in her face when you are kissing her for the first time. To capture the priceless moments, choose wedding videography in Los Angeles.

While you will be busy in tying the knot of your heart, the professionals will harness the moments with emotions, passion, music, dance and all the five senses. By using the latest cameras, they will frame the moments that you later recall in serenity.

As you are offering a grave task to the professionals, be careful while selecting one. You can consider the points for this:

  • Certification and experience: The videographer should be certified as well as experienced in this field. A professional videographer accomplishes the task with efficiency that an amateur can hardly do.
  • Reputation: The reputation of an agency or an expert depends on the quality of the services that they offer to the clients. If they compromise with the quality, it is better to restrict yourself from choosing them. Always try to find out a reputable agency.
  • Feedback: Go through the website of the company to have a glance at the feedback of the previous clients. If you find positive feedbacks, choose the agency.
  • Cost: Cost plays an important role in choosing a professional. You can hardly able to hire a professional for amazing wedding videos if their fees create a hole in your pocket.


If you are satisfied with all these, choose the agency. Ridge Weddings is the one-stop shop for the ones who want to capture their special day in a movie-like manner. Would you also want the same? Call the professional videographers of Ridge Weddings at (818) 292-4742 or visit at


Capture the Moments with a Wedding Video

Your wedding is the day that always deserves special attention; you, your partner and the family members plan so many things for that special day and to make sure that everything is picture-perfect. From choosing the venue to selecting the invitation card to prepare a guest list-there are so many things to do within a short span of time.

And in between, don’t forget to hire a videographer to capture the special day of your life. A professional video will showcase all moments of the wedding from perspectives not easily captured by photography. Moreover, it will showcase the sounds of emotions of the day. Before you choose a unique wedding videographer, keep the points in mind:


  • Choose a professional who will work in conjunction with the wedding mood as well as parameters.
  • The videographer will capture the things that you might have missed in the hustle and bustle. They will serve as the eyes and ears for the things that you are not seeing and hearing.
  • Sound is a part of your wedding that the photos cannot capture. Videos help to enliven the moments along with the sounds and emotions.
  • Some couples prefer to stretch on some moments while the remaining ones prefer to deny it. When you hire a Los Angeles wedding videographer, it is better to talk with them in this matter and clear all your doubts.
  • Modern videographers use the latest cameras that are used for making a movie. They will present your story of love in a unique way.


If you are thinking whom to choose to capture the moments of your wedding, then hire the professionals of Ridge Weddings. Equipped with the latest technique, they will offer you quality results. They will not ask for a price that will be a burden for you. The professionals tailor the packages based on the needs of their clients. Would you like to hire the professionals? Then feel free to call them at (818) 292-4742 or check at They are always there to help you with their services.