Why to Choose Videography to Capture your Wedding?

A destination wedding is the cup-of-tea of the millennial of the era. While even a few decades ago, people prefer to tie the knot with the person they love in the presence of their family members in their hometown, the concept has changed. Nowadays, the couples prefer to plan their wedding in a place far away from their home amidst a select handful of family and friends. As generation Y always look for something out-of-the-box, it is the preeminent choice for them.


As it is a once-in-a-lifetime event, you would obviously like to capture each of the single details of the place as well as the D-day of your life. Though photography is a good option, the most viable one is videography. Your lady’s lustrous smile, her shyness when you utter the vows, your first kiss, the dance movements, the jokes of your friends when you come near them with your newly-wed wife – everything will be presented in a movie-like manner in a video.

All that you need to do is to hire a destination wedding videographer. They have years of experience in this field and know well how you add some fresh touch to your wedding video that will help them stand tall in the crowd. Though there are several agencies and professionals to choose from, do a handful research and hire the one who can offer the services in a pocket-friendly manner.

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How to Choose a Wedding Photographer? 🤵 👰 📷📷


The photographs captured on your wedding day are priceless memento of an extremely special day. It is a day which will probably not come back in your life again. Therefore, it is very important to make handsome investments while hiring highly-experienced and well-versed photographers and videographers. Choosing a wedding photographer can become an arduous task, especially because there are significant numbers of photographers available in the market.

Wedding photography and videography is a work of extreme precision and expertise. In ceremonies like weddings, there is practically no scope for rectification, because the special moments lasts for just a few minutes and hiring an incompetent photographer can shatter your dreams. Here, you will receive some indispensable tips which can help you to make the right selection.


  • Different wedding photographers specialize in different styles. Decide upon what sort of wedding photographer you are willing to choose. Some of the wedding styles which you might opt for include:
  1. Fashion – It will help to make the couple appear more styled and glamorous.
  2. Traditional – Here, the photographers will specifically capture traditional pictures according to the preference of the couple.
  3. Photojournalism – This is a documentary styled form of photography, where the photographer will try to tell the story of your wedding in a step by step method.
  • After you have booked the venue of your wedding, you should focus your attention to book the wedding photographer. The most reputed and the experienced wedding photographers are in high demand, especially during the busy wedding months. Therefore, it is extremely important to book a photographer, well in advance, in order to avoid last minute hassles. If you are planning to wed during a less popular wedding month, then booking six months in advance may be sufficient. For weddings during popular seasons, it is advisable to book at least one year in advance.


  • Famous wedding photographers possess a natural reputation. They may be renowned to your friends and families. Ask for recommendations from people whom you trust. If you have a friend who has recently got married, discuss with him/her about their experience. Look at the photo albums of friends who have been married recently. You might also contact other professionals who are working on your wedding. A wedding planner may have some outstanding contacts.
  • Try to hire a professional photographer. Hire a person who has got technical knowledge regarding photography and lights. Ensure whether the person has got prior experience of working with large groups of people.
  • The online medium is a great tool for searching wedding photographers. Search for photographers who have got loads of experience. Visit their websites, if they have any. It is also a good idea to go through the reviews which are provided by customers.


  • Create a shortlist of the photographers whom you have selected, after going through their profiles and viewing their photography samples. After that, you should fix interviews with the chosen photographers. It is extremely difficult to get an idea of a person by simply visiting their website. Through a face-to-face interaction, you can access the nature of the person and learn about the technical skills and professional expertise.
  • Prepare yourself with the questions which you should ask during the interview. You should spend time with your partner and write down all the questions which you have planned to ask. Before the interview, both the partners should understand each other’s concerns and agrees on the same topic. Decide whether you would like to meet the photographers at their studios or would like to meet them in your residence. Ensure that you take note of the important points which you have managed to collect from the photographer.
  • Discuss about the different styles which the photographer specializes in. Talking with the person directly will give you a detailed idea about his field of expertise, shooting style and a lot more. Clarify any doubts which you might come across during the conversation. The photographer will be more than happy to answer your queries.


  • One of the pertinent things to discuss in the interview is the amount of experience the photographers have gained over the years. You may ask regarding the number of projects handled by him/her. Different weddings have different expectations and requirements. You should try to understand whether his experience would be beneficial for your specific requirements.
  • Confirm from the photographer whether the selected package includes the cost of assistant, who can assist him/her on the day of wedding. Wedding is mammoth event and it is not possible for a single person to capture everything. While the lead photographer is busy capturing the special occasions, the assistant can capture the reaction of the guests and other facets of wedding.
  • Post-production photographs look much better than those which you get straight from the camera. Enquire from the photographer whether they deal with post-production or not. Color correction is the primary part of post-production, which can make a huge difference in the quality of photos. Sometimes, photographers provide this service as an optional-extra. Ask them about their charges.


  • Ask the photographer regarding their plan on the day of wedding. You must determine beforehand whether they are flexible to stay a little longer if the wedding ceremony goes beyond the expected time. Photographers are expected to dress properly and wear neat and clean clothes. Hence, inform them clearly about your expectations, so that they can meet the same.
  • Ask them to confirm you the exact delivery time of the photos. Apart from that clarify them the following:
  1. The resolution of the photos
  2. The number of photos
  • During the interview, the shortlisted photographers will generally bring a portfolio containing various pictures. It’s important for you and your partner to look at all the pictures in a detailed manner. Try to gain knowledge about the photos which are displayed to you. Ask the photographer regarding the style of these photos, the nature of wedding and the cost of the packages.
  • Carefully evaluate all the interview notes which you have taken during the course of the interview with the photographer. These vital notes are your written records about the impression which you have got from the photographer. It can also help you to evaluate and understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of different photographers.
  • Although price is an essential part while deciding the budget for photography and videography, but try to be a little more flexible and be prepared to invest slightly more by hiring highly-experienced photographers. Wedding photos cannot be measured in monetary terms as they are priceless. Try to spend more than your budget to capture quality photos, if needed. Some experts recommend spending at least 10% of the wedding budget on photos.

photo by Grace Havlak (www.weddings.gracehavlak.com)

Today, there are plenty of well-established wedding media companies available in the market, which provides incomparable level of services. These companies have got a large pool of skilled photographers who have got the experience to competently manage any wedding photography needs. Ridge Wedding is one of the highly-acclaimed companies which have consistently received rave reviews from their clients. To learn more, visit ridgeweddings.net or call (818) 292-4742

Why will you Choose Destination Wedding?


Still undecided where to exchange rings and vows to your lady love? Your abode or church is the common option, however, if you want to do something unique and adventures, choose the destination wedding. Far away from your familiar surroundings, in a gorgeous or serene place amidst your near ones, would not you like to start a new journey with your lady? Your answer will obviously be ‘yes’.

While one out of five couples is choosing destination wedding, a thought might come to your mind why to choose such an option. Here are the reasons:

  • You will stand out from the pack
  • Your guest list will be smaller
  • You are guaranteed to have gorgeous photos
  • You can save on décor
  • Enjoy quality times with loved ones
  • It is once-in-a-lifetime reunion opportunity

After planning and investing, your destination wedding comes alive. Would not you like to capture the moments along with the essence of place, the music, dance steps, movements and senses that you will make it a story of your love, hire destination wedding videographer?

By harnessing their creative genius, experience, and expertise on this field, they will frame the moments of your special day. Ridge Weddings is the ultimate choice for the ones who want to capture their special day in a movie-like manner. All of their professionals are certified and experienced in this field.

The Magical Touch of Ridge Weddings

Not all wedding videos are equal. However, all wedding videos shot by the expert crew at Ridge Weddings can be proudly titled as amazing wedding videos. The team promises to make you teary eyed, relive the moments with a smile and cherish the sweet and loving moments of your wedding throughout your lifetime. That’s the kind of magic the wedding videographers at Ridge Weddings Inc. weave while relating the story of your wedding through the wedding video and picturesque photographs.


The Magical Touch

So, here’s what they do to make your wedding video unique and mesmerizing, not to mention memorable for a lifetime.

  • To avoid missing important moments, they always arrive in time and stay late.
  • They are thorough professionals possessing complete expertise in their task.
  • They rarely fail to capture the most important and fun moments; the ones that add the fun element to the wedding video.
  • They capture the best moments to make the wedding video better than the wedding itself; moments that the bride and groom probably failed to live in the hustle bustle.
  • The wedding video is shot and tailored in tune with the couple’s preferences.
  • They have technologically updated equipment, capable of shooting amazing wedding videos.
  • They are experts at creating cinematic styled wedding videos, which relate the couple’s story in the most beautiful way.
  • Their primary objective is to create the most magical and emotional wedding video.
  • They showcase your love story in the wedding video in the best possible way.

Ridge Weddings ensures that the vows, music, love, and shots make your wedding video unique and one of a kind. What’s more, they even travel to different destinations for destination wedding videography. Moreover, they handle everything from the beginning till the end, including the wedding invites, pre-wedding shoots, the dress-up shoots, and the wedding itself.

Professionalism and Expertise Count

ridgw weddings

Planning a wedding is not a cake walk. From choosing the theme to hiring the caterers and videographers, everything is challenging. For, these moments cannot return, and there’s no scope for a mistake.

The Expert Touch

However, Ridge Weddings Inc. reduces one of your challenges by providing you with a professionally trained expert wedding videographer, Los Angeles to shoot your D-day, just as you like it.

Of course, there’s a long list of wedding videographers that you can choose for. What’s more, considering the advancements of technology, cameras often churn out the best photographs and videos. At a glance, you would be mesmerized by most of them. However, it is advisable to delve deeper before making the right choice.

Ridge Weddings Inc.

So, here’s why Ridge Weddings Inc. stands taller than the others and is the ideal choice.

  • Ridge Weddings Inc. is completely professional. They understand the importance of wedding videos and therefore, hire the finest wedding videographers to shoot the wedding videos. They boast of a team of experienced cinematographers, who are trained in the art of directing and producing cinematic videos.
  • Ridge Weddings Inc. does not burn holes in your pockets. They provide the best services at the best price.
  • They shoot amazing wedding videos. They never fail to make the video interesting, while capturing every moment in its true spirit. What’s more, every wedding video made by them is special and unique and customized according to the client’s tastes and preferences.
  • None of their clients have a bad word against them. All clients have returned satisfied and also recommend their services to others.

If you are looking for the best wedding videos and photographs, Ridge Weddings Inc. is the best choice.

What Destination Wedding Videographers do


So, you’re planning a destination wedding at your dream destination. Whether it’s overseas, amidst the Alps or at the Gold Coast, making arrangements away from your own soil is certainly challenging. What’s more, it’s expensive too. You don’t mind spending thousands of dollars for your dream destination wedding. However, all you want from your wedding is to be fun-filled, exciting and not to forget PERFECT. With all things perfect; you would certainly want to capture these special and unique moments PERFECTLY too. So, finding the best destination wedding videographer would definitely top your wedding to-do list.

Ridge Weddings – The Right Choice

If this is what you are looking for, then you have reached the ideal choice- Ridge Weddings. Although they are placed in a suburb in Los Angeles, they are open to travelling anywhere for destination photography and videography. They have shot the most amazing wedding videos at various wedding venues in Los Angeles, Westlake, Agoura Hills etc and also at destinations like the Caribbean, Mexico and Las Vegas. Thanks to the updated equipment, upgraded skills and knowledge of the team, they are successful in creating the most beautiful and mesmerizing wedding videos. Visit their website to view the beautiful wedding videos created by them.


What they do

Being professional storytellers, they relate the most important story of your life in the most beautiful way, not through a run through of the wedding day, but through a well-created and edited cinematic video.

What’s more, they do not believe in a one-size-fit-all formula. They create a unique wedding video only for you, customized to match your preferences, taste and of course, the dream destination. Their mesmerizing video will entice you to relive the wedding moments time and again. However, you must be ready for the risk of getting teary-eyed watching the lovely wedding videos created by them.