Big Day Captured Right with Wedding Photos and Videos

Each wedding ceremony is unique and has its own story linked to it. How the photographs and videos are made cast a huge difference in the story telling. Finding the right photographers and videographers for your own wedding ceremony can take up a lot of your time through research and budgeting.

To choose the perfect wedding photography and videography agency, make sure you take care of some of the basic factors. Photographing marriages, or for that matter of any special day is not a foreign concept. But when you need to keep all those moments of laughter and happiness intact even after years into your marriage, videography becomes a must option.

But getting both the professionals on board can be difficult, specially in terms of the wedding budget. Here’s why hiring them together can be a feasible option:-

  • Better communication with better workflow

A team of photographer-videographer can anticipate each other’s style of work, position and other related aspects. This also helps to reduce the number of unnecessary shots. The synergies between the video and still teams will translate into a better final product.

  • Shared incentives and accountability

Being professionals, both of them would want to get the ideal frames of the event. However, hiring the same company photographer and videographer leads to both the teams being more cooperative and willing to share, coordinate and communicate. At the end what will come out is an aesthetically pleasing final combined product.

  • In-sync creative ideas

Combined photography and videography option infuses a consistent quality and style of work. also, you might not have to redo the same think over and over again – one posing for the cameraman, two posing for the videographer.

  • Money saving

Last but not the least, wedding photography and videography from the same agency can help you save some money as they would offer package discounts.

With more than eleven years in the industry, the team of Ridge Weddings has developed is a trusted name when it comes to professionalism and storytelling. With their creative vision along with cinematic style, you can see some of the best works of the team


Hiring Destination Wedding Videographer

There are a number of reasons why some couples prefer to arrange for destination wedding.

Destination Wedding Videographer

With a handful of selected family and friends or may be a bona fide week-long family reunion – destination wedding creates a whole lot of memories which is very different than any just traditional church-going wedding.

To make the event more special, couples often think to hire a destination wedding videographer apart from the photographers. This is certainly a wise choice for plenty of reasons.

Why take videographers?

  • To create a life-like memory of your wedding, nobody but the wedding videographers can suffice your demands. Capture your celebration in all its intricate details through the videos.
  • See how your guests reacted and enjoyed while you were away or not able to attend them.
  • Revisit how everyone including grandparents to your best friend had the shot of a lifetime on the day!
  • Share the videos with your loved ones on social media or otherwise who couldn’t attend the vent for some other commitments

How to find a Destination Wedding Videographer?

For a destination wedding, the couple can consider hiring local wedding videographers. For instance, if you are planning for a wedding at the exotic locations of Southern California, you can get in touch with Ridge Weddings.

The pivotal benefit of hiring a local videographer is they are habitual with the venue.

Moreover, you do not have to fly them to the destination which is often a big pinch for the pocket.

At the end of the day, it is important to understand how much you want of the destination in your wedding album. Some couples select a particular place for it can mean extra special to them while other can just have a dream of getting married.  An experienced videographer will know how to balance the beauty of the place and the special event in the capture.

Being one of the premiere wedding media companies in Southern California, ridgeweddings can capture the wedding day with amazing cinematic style. If you truly want to capture the essence of the day, get in touch with the skilled team and let them help you recreate the big day of your love story.

Booking Wedding Photographers and Videographers

How can you possibly not make any of your memory blurred of what happened on your wedding day? Clicks and videos are the only real go to options when you need to relive the days.


Hiring wedding photography and videography is not just a matter of budget also demands your aesthetic inputs. While there are many options and agencies available who announce them to be the perfect for this business, no all of them can live up to your expectation. Do the research on the aspects and themes of the photos and videos you want on that day and discuss at length about your choices.

Here’s a list of reasons why you should think of getting the top wedding photography and videography experts for that day:

  • Do not miss any moment

No matter how hard you try, you can’t be with everybody, every moment on your wedding day. A wedding videographer can capture all such moments of your wedding day which you can enjoy with your partner even after many years into the marriage. Same with the snaps! Relive the day over the marriage album!

  • Reliving the vows

One of the most important parts of any marriage ceremony is the moment when the bride and the groom commit to each other for a happy ever after. With years into the marriage, there’s nothing like hearing both of you say the vows in the first place with your children and grandchildren!

  • Share it with friends and family

No matter how hard you try, you cannot be always angry on your friend for not being able turn up on your bug day, share with him/her to make them feel miserable of all the fun they missed out! Jokes apart, with the digital format  you can share the fun on social media.

  • Capturing the real emotion

The wedding day captures a huge flow of emotions. The videographers and photographers can capture the candid sentiments of the attendees.

Ridge Weddings is one of the most aesthetically advanced wedding media companies in Southern California who have a nice innovative storytelling insight. If you know someone or is yourself planning for the wedding shoot, get in touch with the team to make your big day turn special though their lens culture.

How to have a Successful Event Videography

Controlled shoots are one of the many comforts when it comes to shooting wedding and event videography. Whether you are an experienced or beginner videographer, you might always want to experiment with the lights and setting.



Before an event shoot, for instance that of a wedding, it is essential to get your things planned. Get your batteries charged, get an extra charger, have sufficient memory cards before you leave for an event videography in Los Angeles. Communicate with the staff to make sure you can move around easily in all the required nooks of the venue.

Make a schedule

At times, you can get the event schedule at the last minute. Or there might be no such schedule at all. Whatever it is, you should have the idea of how to carry on with general outline of the work. Be aware of any location change in the vent or wedding.

Prepare your own shot list

As you pack for all the required gears, make sure you have a shot list of your own. Think of the ‘must capture’ moments as the rest of the event will spoil you for choice on selecting which is the perfect shot.

Be prepared fworstor the

No one knows when a problem will arise. At some events, you might be sitting in a chair while your camera records all the activities. In some, there can be camera failures, broken adaptors, bad cables, missing media, or accident with the gear. Be prepared with extra equipment and resources to tackle such situations.

If you need a premiere wedding media company in Southern California, Ridge Weddings is a trusted option. The aesthetically skilled photographers use quality cameras such as our Red Epic Dragon camera to get you brilliant outputs. Know more about their work at

Top Things you must tell your Wedding Photographers and Videographers

Finding the right photographers and videographers for your own wedding ceremony can be a daunting task. Not the cakes, not the flowers, what would remain forever are the wedding photos.

ridge weddings

To choose the perfect wedding photography and videography agency, make sure you take care of some of the basic elements.

Discuss in length about all the must-have moments you want them to capture. Give your photographers and videographers a detailed idea about all the visual references you have in mind. Let them do their thing but you can always speak up your demands. If you have any reference from a magazine or film or an old photo shoot, share it with the professionals to help them decide how to recreate them differently.

The professional photographers and videographers will perforce focus more on the big events and the actions. However, you need to tell them about the specific quirky and meaningful little things that you want to add in the story.

Uncertainty prevails in deciding whether or not to opt for both videography and photography. On the wedding day, you cannot be in every part of the event. The videographers would capture those never-seen-before moments of your grandpa getting in the grooves or your mother-in-law squinting for another glass of wine. The snaps of course can make to the shelf for rejoicing the moments forever.

With more than eleven years in the industry, the team of Ridge Weddings has developed the perfect mix of professionalism and storytelling.

Couple’s Guide: Advantages of Wedding Videography

Wedding videography may not be always be the priority and sometimes can even seem to be an added expense. Although expensive, when we watch the emotional yet gorgeous wedding videos, we want our days to be captured similarly. Apart from framing the emotions on reel, there are some other advantages why you should forget about the cost and involve the wedding videography Los Angeles.

  • Movement and sound

The still frames capture a moment but videos trap both the movement and the sound. The gasp at the first look, the laughter of your friends, watching the first kiss of the newlyweds or the sweet moments of grandpas dance moves- there’s nothing that captures better than the wedding videos.

  • Adding to the charm

A professional and experienced videographer will not only capture the raw footage but also edit it with the perfect sound and cuts to add the emotional quotient. It helps to tell the simple story of the couple just like a fairy tale. Laugh and cry while you sit and watch the video may be a decade later with your children!

  • The video will capture what you miss

The wedding day passes away too quickly and it is impossible to note what happened in every corner of the house. But you do not want to miss out on the gossips and the shenanigans, do you? The videographers will keep it recorded which you can watch as and when you wish. See your parents dancing cheek-to-cheek, that old uncle gulping down the sweets or your mother-in-law shed a tear during the vow!

  • Shareable

But it’s not just you who would like to watch it. With sharing platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo, you can get your friends watch how the day went by who could not attend the event. There can be short clips edited and shared on the social media.

Ridge Weddings is one of the leading wedding media companies in Southern California. Given their creative storytelling acumen, it has been a preferred choice for many couples. If you know someone or is yourself planning for the wedding shoot, get in touch with them to make your big day turn special though lens. Have a look at their website to get a glance of the picture quality color grading.

Wedding videography: A way of recollecting the day

Your wedding is the most cherished days of your life – it is the day for which you have to cross several hurdles. The knots of your hearts are tied with the vow of togetherness, and with the expectations of sharing both good and bad days of your life.


‘Weddings are made in heaven’

While some prefer to plan their wedding in their home, church or a surrounding area, others live to fly in a new land and start the new journey in a refreshing ambiance. Choose what you like and that would be according to your budget. You are so excited when you exchange the ring that you can hardly look at your lady.


The journey begins’

When you choose a wedding videography in Los Angeles, he or she will frame the special moments with the threads called emotions, expressions, and dance steps.


You are my today and all of my tomorrows’

From the very beginning to end, everything will be covered in the video. However, sometimes they edit it to make it more eye-catching. When you watch it with your family members and friends, you will obviously say that you have missed so many things that you are watching right now.


And they lived Happily Ever After’

There are several videographers who offer quality services to their clients.  but before you hire one, have a look at the feedback section and ensure whether they are the right choice for you or not.

Ridge weddings is a popular name in this field. All of their professionals are certified and experienced and familiar to offer quality services. They use only the cinema-quality cameras for this. To get their services, call at (818) 292-4742 or visit at