What Exactly a Wedding Videographer does to make it Unique?

Videography isn’t any rocket science. All you need is a video recording device and flair to see through it to capture the right things at the right moments. But then, that’s not it. You have to work on yourself to evolve as a unique wedding videographer. And you have to look into yourself whether you are the right person a couple wants to trust with their most memorable day? Do they want to have you attend their wedding to record as they take vows?

unique wedding videographer_unique videography

Let’s point out some of the ways that can help you grow as a unique videographer:

  • Prior introduction and communication is a must. And we mean communication with the couple, the venue attendants and managers and the family of the couple. These communications would let you know beforehand about the planned couple dances, or functions, or a dramatic entry. Also, visiting the venue would ensure your preferred position to stand or fix your equipment. Or whether a handheld videography would be more apt.
  • Carry both your heavy professional gadgets as well as the handy ones. You never know which one you would need when especially when the shots are to be taken from a distance or candid moments.
  • Keep necessary backups ready for audio inputs. Remember, “I-Do’s” are not a pose, and not repetitive! That explains much, doesn’t it?
  • Don’t avoid capturing the typical and traditional shots. Be experimental, but do have its own dose of traditional shots in the video.
  • Get yourself prepared with low light situations. Venues normally dim the lights post the dinner to let the party begin. Remember, the lights have been dimmed for a purpose, and hence don’t be a spoiler by using unnecessary flashy lights.
  • Stabilize your shots. Ofcourse! And undoubtedly so.

Ridge Weddings is a provider of wedding videography where extra care is taken to capture moments with utmost concern. A production house that has been into practice for 11 long years has received several positive reviews and responses from every couple they have worked for. If you are the next one to hire them, contact them on https://ridgeweddings.net/


Why need Wedding Videos – 3 Selected Reasons

Don’t we all frequently gets completely awed by the gorgeous and emotional wedding videos posted online every now and then? Your wedding day is one of the happiest days. Won’t you want the aisle moment, the vows or the classic dance moves of your grandpa to be cherished forever?

amazing-wedding-videos_ridge weddings

Videography is certainly an added expense, but think about it once again. Isn’t it all worth the money and hype?

Making everything perfect for the wedding day is definitely a big concern. However, you should understand, you cannot with all of your loved ones attending the event at the same time. There will be fun in the other corner when you are getting ready or when you are taking the vow. It is those amazing wedding videos that will let you revisit the moments every time you see them.

So here’s a list why we think you should get a videographer to make your big day memorable in the most fun ways:

  • As the how to film the special day

From the guests coming in to the friends howling and making a farrago, let the professional wedding videographer capture all the small details to make the special day look special even after years into the marriage.

  • Share it with those who missed the event

The friends or relatives staying or with other prior commitments might unfortunately have to miss the day. For those loved ones, these amazing wedding videos will show what they were missed and how. Also, most of the videographers share the online link to make them able on the social media platforms.

  • You know how not all moments are same

An experienced wedding photographer will try their best to get most of the moments snapped, but a videographer will hold the event in its entirety. From the shied aisle walk to the first kiss as newlyweds, everything remains filmed forever.

If you or any of your friends or folks are planning to get the wedding day shot and hoping for cinematic exposure that will also bring out the most creative vision and passion for storytelling, the team of ridgeweddings.net knows how to do it in the most professional way. Visit https://ridgeweddings.net/ to find out more about their body of work which they have mastered in the last 11 years and still continue to make each client cherish their work.

A Unique Wedding Videographer Is Known By The Shots 📷 📷

Wedding happens for a day but, its memories stay for lifetime. And, who else than a videographer can frame your wedding diary! There are always some little incidents occurring in a wedding ceremony that the brides and the grooms miss out. In reality, the event stretches far beyond the customs and traditions. Being a bride or a groom, you cannot afford to miss the petite episodes.

unique wedding videographer_Ridge Weddings

Hiring a professional to shoot your wedding is the ideal way to envelope the moments. Also, an expert possesses unique suggestions on potential shots. So, consider a fresh-faced meeting with your videographer and discuss on the list of moments to film. Here are some of the clip ideas that you can deem to discuss with your videographer –

  • The lively dressing room ambiance

Dressing rooms, especially of the brides, are one place to be in. A certain excitement prevails in the air as her mother and the bridesmaids share the room as well. The ambiance seems quite jovial with everyone disclosing their bit of stories. A unique wedding videographer is the one who captures those moments, deftly.

  • Your confused face during hair styling

Before putting on the wedding dress, a bride definitely visits the hair stylist. Utter confusions and mess is an integral part of this episode. Here’s another great opportunity for the videographers. On filming this occasion, there remains a fun clip to view later. He or she may name the file as ‘making of a bride’.

  • The glamour of reception and libations

Today, most of the brides and grooms arrange for a reception party after the grand wedding. The place, often, sees a bartender performing stunning libations in the corner. Full of glamour and glitter, that’s one of a shot to prove self a unique wedding videographer.

  • Some impromptu and candid footages

Be it a bride or groom, everyone enjoys candid moments on their wedding. Framing those instances is one of a unique idea for the videographers. For that, the expert needs to alert and ready all the time, with the DSLR. These impromptu footages, later, recall the memories from the big day.

  • Chitchat sessions with close friends

Friends get together on the wedding day is one among the amazing elements to happen. Needless to say, these gangs create memories of their own. One, who is a unique wedding videographer, must not miss filming these beautiful moments.

Deem to discuss the aforementioned clip ideas to make your wedding special in every aspect. For professional and unique wedding videographer, you may consider contact Ridge Weddings. With potential ideas, it is one of the leading names in the market. Call at (818) 202-4742 to get your free quote, now!

Essential Tips for Event Videography

Videographers capture once-in-a-lifetime moments. So whether it is you wedding, birthday or graduation party, you’re going to need a videographer. Simple, right?

Well, no.

The professional consensus of hiring videographers is to research portfolios online alongside confirming the availability for the dates.

event videography Los Angeles

Working with an experienced videographer

There are certain factors which any experienced person of event videography in Los Angeles will keep a track of before shooting the event. If you are a first time event videographer, here’s what you need to be aware of:

  • Planning

It is essential to get your things planned before getting into the vent. For instance, batteries charged, get an extra charger, have sufficient memory cards so that there is no embarrassing moment. Also, communicate with the staff to make sure you can move around easily across the venue. Speak with the authorities beforehand if it requires special permission to shoot at some areas.

  • Prepare for the list

Just like the gears, you should also have the sketchy idea of what kind of shots you want to have. There might be too many ‘special’ moments during the event and selecting the best one would be definitely not an easy task. Get yourself prepared beforehand.

  • Be prepared for the worst

No one knows when a problem will arise. Chances of camera failures, broken adaptors, bad cables, missing media, or accident with the gear are all mishaps that would affect the end result. Be prepared with extra equipment and resources to tackle such situations.

Are you the organizer?

If this is your first time of organizing event videography in Los Angeles, here’s a basic set of questions you can ask them before finalizing:

  • What is the film style
  • Have they ever shot at the said venue
  • What is the area of expertise
  • How do they work with photographers before and during the event
  • How do they ensure quality sound
  • If they intend to use any special effects
  • How will the lighting be done
  • Examples of previous work done

Over 11 years and more, Ridge Weddings have made their mark as one of the most reputed wedding media companies in Southern California. It has been a trend setter in the wedding videography style by creating amazing wedding videos and photos in cinematic style. The Ridge team inculcates a sense of positive and magical energy in their work. Visit https://ridgeweddings.net/ to see their incredible work.

Three things why you should Rethink to get Videographers

Your wedding day is one of the happiest days for you and your partner and would love to cherish the memories forever. Be it the breath-taking gliding down the aisle moment or the classic dance moves of your aunt after some glasses of champagne, the videographers will have it all captured in their films.


But does this sound familiar where in one second you are imagining about the amazing wedding videos, and poof, the other second, it is gone? While making everything perfect on the wedding day is certainly a major pressure point but budget often becomes a hindrance. So if you want to keep the day alive in memory forever, it is wise to cut short of the other segments and focus on how the day can be captured in the most brilliant way.

Before you regret, here’s a list why you should think twice before not hiring a videographer :

  • Keep your special day special

With so much going on, from the guests coming in to the friends howling creating a farrago, you in no possible way can be at every corner of the occasion or with every person to share the moments. Leave it to the professional wedding videographer who will capture all the small details to make amazing wedding videos which you can relish forever.

  • For those who missed

The friends or relatives with prior commitment or staying overseas might not always be able to make it to the day. For those loved ones, the wedding videos are the only way to let them know they were missed. Also, you can send them online or share on the social platforms to show how the day went.

  • Not all moments are same

A great wedding photographer will try their best to get the moments snapped, but why you need the amazing wedding videos is that it can capture the moment in its entirety. From the best man speech to the first kiss as newlyweds, everything remains filmed forever.

If you are planning to get your wedding day being shot in the most brilliant cinematic way which will also bring out the most creative vision and passion for storytelling, get in touch with team of ridgeweddings.net. Visit https://ridgeweddings.net/ to find out more about their body of work which they have mastered in the last 11 years of being in the business.

Capture the moments of your Engagement with Professionals

Capture the moments of your Engagement with ProfessionalsThe day of engagement is not only the day of starting a new chapter of your life but also taking the oath of sharing the good and not-so-good moments of your life with your better half. And of course, the day demands special attention than the rest ones. If you want to capture the moment of joy in the face of your lady when you would give the ring and the later moments in a cinematic way, hire the seasoned professionals of Ridge Weddings. We are just a phone call away from you.
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Keeping Your Big Day Recorded 🌹 🌹

If you have attended your friend’s or relative’s wedding, you know what a chaos it is. Well, certainly not in the wrong sense of the word, the wedding day indeed has a lot of hooplas associated with it. But if you are the one getting married, you are saved from all that pandemonium. It’s your day and you are the center of everything.


But once the day passes along, there will be hardly one or two things that you can remember clearly and rest of everything will either remain unknown to you or have a hush-hush idea.

Unless, you have the wedding photography and videography people sorted.

True that it involves a matter of budget but won’t you want to see your granny dancing with the wine glass or how your best friend cried when you took the vow? It is no way possible to be part of each and every moment with every people on that day. It’s the wedding album, many years down into the marriage which will bring out the nostalgia and memories of how you started the new life.

So, here’s why you should not think twice before hiring the wedding photography and videography:

  • Relive the moments later

As said, no matter how hard you try, you can’t be with everybody, every moment on your wedding day. A wedding videographer can capture all such moments of the day which you can enjoy later. Same with the images!

  • Remembering the vows

Taking the vow is the epic moment when the bride and the groom commit to each other for a happily ever after. With years into the marriage, there’s nothing like hearing what both of promised.

  • Share it with friends and family

The digital format of the album allows you to share the fun on social media and also with those who couldn’t attend the marriage.

If you are looking for the top notch wedding media companies in Southern California who will cater to your aesthetic expectations, Ridge Weddings is the name to trust upon. Through their innovative storytelling insight, they help to make your big day turn special. So if you or someone you know is planning for the wedding shoot, get in touch with the skilled team to make a bright and loving album.

4 Facts why Wedding Videography Matter

Let’s go by our instincts. Is it mandatory having a keepsake like a wedding film? Well, we all know the answer.

It is definitely not the priority for everyone. The focus is always more on creating a truly magical evening for the guests and obviously for yourselves.

wedding videography Los Angeles

If you have to choose between capturing memories and experiencing them with the special ones, it’s completely fair to choose the later. But what if you can do both? Apart from framing the emotions on reel, there are some other advantages why you should, even if it leaves a pinch in your pocket, go for the wedding videography in Los Angeles.

  • The feel of the moment

The still frames capture a moment but videos capture both the movement and the sound. The wheeze at the first look, the laughter of your dear ones, watching the first kiss of the newlyweds – there’s nothing that captures better than the wedding videos.

  • Editing the nostalgia

A professional videographer will not only capture the raw footage but also tidy up with the perfect sound and cuts to add the emotional quotient. The simple love story of the couple is turned into what is no less than a fairy tale.

  • See what you missed

The wedding day passes away too quickly and it is impossible to note what happened in every corner of the house. But who would want to miss the shenanigans? The videographers will keep it filmed so that you can enjoy all the gossips later. See your parents dancing cheek-to-cheek, that old uncle gulping down the sweets or your mother-in-law shed a tear during the vow!

  • Share with your friends and family

There might be people from your family who missed the event due to prior commitments. Make them watch the big day event on the sharing platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo. Some videographers make short clips which can be edited on the social media.

Being one of the leading wedding media companies in Southern California, Ridge Weddings promises to make your big day turn special through their story telling acumen.