6 Reasons why you should get Wedding Videography

Wedding videography as well as photography has been around for a long time now. But both the forms have completely transformed over time. If you are looking for Los Angeles wedding videographer, chances are either you or someone close are going to get hitched (well, okay, sounded too obvious). But, it’s not necessary that because you are getting married you are looking up through this article. There’s more often than not hesitation about whether to get a videographer for the marriage when you already have a photographer employed.

6 reasons why you should get wedding videography_ridge weddings

But get this, your wedding day, that is what you have planned, thought about, stressed over, and counted down to months and even years, or more, goes by ‘so’ fast. Don’t you want to relive the day and find out how everyone enjoyed the event?

Having seen a selection of wonderful Los Angeles wedding videographers present to cover the big day of your life, here’s the main reasons of hiring them:

  1. A Life-Like Memory of Your Wedding

As mentioned, any wedding day goes by in a flash – but having a wedding videographer capture the entire celebration from before the ceremony to your evening reception will remind you of the best day ever for many years to come.

  1. See Things You Wouldn’t Have Seen Otherwise

You can’t possibly see how your guests reacted to certain parts and events of the day – but on film, you’ll be able to look back at everyone and understand things that you may not have otherwise seen if you didn’t hire a wedding videographer.

  1. Capture Friends and Family in that Stage of Life

Whether you’re inviting grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, teenagers or babies to your wedding, it will much nostalgic to look back at the video in years to come and see how they have changed from then to now. Having that lifetime memory of grandparents, for instance, could be priceless.

  1. Your Wedding Videographer can get Creative

If one of the reasons for your hesitation in getting the videography done because you think wedding video has been the same as that of the 80s, you are wrong. Today’s videographers are experts when it comes to using top of the range equipment, music and other digital creativity to turn the wedding film in to a memory that you’ll want to watch over and over again.

  1. Share the Wedding Video on Social Media (with friends who missed it!)

Aside from watching the wedding video on repeat at home, most of the new age wedding videographer might be able to create a shorter version of the film for you to share with your family and peers on social media.

  1. A Wedding Videographer is not Always as Costly as you Think

If you didn’t add ‘wedding videographer’ to the wedding budget in the initial draft because you thought it might cost a lot, then you might want to reconsider the options. Look around and contact the Los Angeles wedding videographers to find out what they can get for your money. Before making any final decision, be sure to compare prices depending on how long you would like them to stay during the event. Look for the various packages and other discounts they might have.


How to Choose your Wedding Videographer?

How to Choose your Wedding Videographer_ridge weddings

There are so many things to be kept in mind while looking for a videographer for your wedding needs much research work. He must be well experienced and skilled and have the right eyes to tag him as a unique wedding videographer.

These are few things one should keep in mind before hiring the “right” videographer:

  1. A Good Videographer would Jive Well with the Couple

When you bring a videographer on, you’re going to have to tango with them from the moment you sign the contract until months after your wedding during their editing process. Being filmed all day when you’re not used to it is an experience. The comfort level depends entirely on how well you gel with the videographer. If you’re comfortable around each other, then your videographer will know the little nuances about you that will make your film uniquely yours.

  1. A Videographer must know the Skill of Storytelling

Most couples have a story that could bring grown men to tears, but it can only happen if their storyteller (the videographer) takes the time before the wedding to get to know them enough to find that story and tell it with purpose.

  1. He Must be Accompanied by an Assistant or two to Ease out the Job

There is just too much gear, too many events happening, too many emotions, so many faces and too little time, and all these to be at once for it to go smoothly. A good wedding videographer would be with someone on your wedding day for making things easier.

  1. Budget-Friendly, But not Cheap

A videographer must be charging at reasonable rates to cover the whole day, but at the same time getting really cheap one may be risky. The reason being, a person who doesn’t charge much for his projects might not own proper gadgets that are mostly high-end.

Ridge Weddings stands out when it comes to capturing wedding videos. Their unique wedding videographers are exceptional in preserving memories for lifetime with their cinematic style, creative vision and passion for storytelling. Contact them on https://ridgeweddings.net/ or call on (908) 642-5823 for hiring a videographer for your d-day.

Different Types of Wedding Videography

For the new-age couple, it is important to know about the different styles of wedding videography. Normally, the most practiced ones by the professionals are in one or two in number, and few more used here and there. Before you express your wish to get your own amazing wedding video recorded, learn about the different styles and terms. And make sure you are specific about your preferred type for your D-day.

Different Types of Wedding Videography_ridge weddings

  • Artistic Videography Style

Artistic videography is a freestyle way which doesn’t follow a specific rule of format. It doesn’t lay its aesthetic dimension on the line, and more towards its own simplicity and charm. Though there are no specific rules to follow, yet artistic videography requires proper training and experience.

  • Journalistic Videography Style

This is among the most popularly followed style for wedding videography. The videographer records every part of the wedding and doesn’t require any personalized intervention. It is aptly described as the “documentary” of the occasion for the same reason. It is edited and polished based on the actual sequence of events.

  • Cinematic Videography Style

A cinematic wedding videography looks like a movie or a film. The special effects are added in the editing part in order to create a dramatic mood. This style demands for knowledge of editing software and hence is not advisable for the videographers who have limited or no background in cinematography and video editing.

  • Storytelling Videography Style

The storytelling videography involves a video or a photo montage of the wedding accompanied by a narrating voice and music. This style demands for the most labor and post editing work. Aside from recording and editing the wedding ceremony, testimonies and dialogues should also be incorporated in the video which might not be necessarily recorded during the wedding ceremony.

  • Highlights Videography Style

This style is comparatively shorter and normally lasts for 15 to 50 minutes. The photographer prepares a blueprint for the parts of the wedding to be recorded, and shoots only those to compile later. During the editing part, necessary video clips are removed to save more time.

Ridge Weddings offers all the different styles of wedding photography to make the memories remain alive through their creative and passionate way of storytelling. If you want to make your big day to be preserved till forever, contact them on https://ridgeweddings.net/ or call up at (908) 642-5823.

Things to Confirm Before Booking your Wedding Photographer

Wedding involves a lot of prior setting up and scheduling. Everything requires reconfirmations until you are content with it totally. Photographers and videographers are among the most important pros present at your wedding who are responsible for capturing the wonderful wedding pictures that you would cherish and have keepsake forever.

wedding photography and videography_ridge weddings

Wedding photography and videography need much detailing and perfection. It’s not about just a nice camera and taking lots of random pictures. Hence, your requirement and necessities should be conveyed much in prior than not to be sorry later.

Here are few of the things to be asked directly to your photographer before booking him:

  1. Know his primary style of photography: Whether the professional photographer is into fashion and art style photography or whether his style is more towards candid clicks, it is always suggested to confirm beforehand.
  2. Experience in its true sense: Experience should be considered in work and not in year counts. Ask him how many wedding photography projects he has handled so far and how many are similar to that of yours.
  3. A specialized in the style of wedding photography: Many photographers assign themselves as wedding photographer along with several other genres of photography. You certainly don’t want a one-stop-shop photographer but the one who is a pro in the exclusive style of wedding photography.
  4. Workload: This is very crucial for the fact that if a photographer has too many assignments in hand around the date of your d-day, think about the workload and pressure he has to face. That could possibly affect his quality of work.
  5. Availability of an assistant photographer: There is no way a single photographer can click the numerous events and moments during a wedding. It is always welcome to have another assistance to capture simultaneous moments happening at two different places.
  6. Equipments – camera and lens details: There is no harm in confirming the brand, model and quality of the apparatus the photographer would be using. Also, whether he has a backup camera in case the first one doesn’t function properly.
  7. Details about the contracts, if any: Ask for the services in legal writing with the price details, services included, termination resolution terms and other important things that should be included. Be wary of photographers who don’t create contracts for their clients.
  8. Insurance: Professional wedding photographers must have proper insurance for their business which would protect against equipment damage or theft. Check for an insurance; mostly the newbies are yet to get insured.
  9. Post production details: While it is completely a professional detailing, but do check for their previous works for post production details. The color correction for the images, and other editing details should be a part of photography and videography.
  10. Payment and charges: While the details of payment are mentioned in the contract, it is always suggested to ask the photographer personally if he would be staying back if the event stretches for longer than scheduled. And if there is any extra charges for the same.
  11. Delivery dates: Confirm beforehand how many days it would take to produce and handover the albums and videos all ready to be delivered.

Stick to the points above and choose a professional for your wedding photography and videography. It is always better to take measures beforehand than to feel sorry for not being careful enough.

Immortalizing the Big Day with the Perfect Photos

We always have the urge to keep days framed which are memorable. Thus photographing weddings is certainly not a new thing to understand. What has evolved over the years in the technical advancements where use of drones or other cameras made it possible to get smarter shots.

wedding photography and videography_ridge weddings

Wedding photography is an unavoidable part when you plan about the wedding day. But it is always a good idea to get both the snaps as well as the video of the day. Revisiting the events of the day with many years into the marriage is done best when you can have both.

Most companies now offer the package of wedding photography and videography. Let’s understand why it is becoming a preferable option to hire them together:

  • Inherent Sense of Accountability

Both the cameraman and the videographer are basically artists and would like to get the perfect possible frames of the event. When hiring the wedding photography and videography services from the same company, both of them can team up to coordinate and communicate properly and ultimately get an ingenious output.

  • The Narrative will be in Sync

A team of photographer-videographer can predict each other’s needs, camera positioning and style. The choreographed frames and shot angles of the video and still teams will translate into a better final product. This means, there will be lesser silly poses with the unnecessary camera gimmicks during the couple photo session. They can capture the ideal balance of the scenes and moments that need to be filmed.

  • Smarter Workflow and Improved Communication

Do you know how to get lesser trash shots? Only if the photographer-videographer work as a team and anticipate each other’s needs, positioning and style. Also, this eliminates fewer chances of repetitive shots in photos and videos.

  • Package Cost is Less

More often than not, the wedding photography and videography packages cost lesser than what you have to pay if you hire them individually. The company offers plenty of package offers from which you can choose what suits your best need.

Ridge Weddings have made their position as one of the most reputed wedding media companies in Southern California over the last 11 years. Through their brilliant wedding videos and photographs, they have been the trend setter and every time brings sense of positivity and magical energy to the venue. Visit https://ridgeweddings.net/ to get a sneak peek into their body of work.

What Exactly a Wedding Videographer does to make it Unique?

Videography isn’t any rocket science. All you need is a video recording device and flair to see through it to capture the right things at the right moments. But then, that’s not it. You have to work on yourself to evolve as a unique wedding videographer. And you have to look into yourself whether you are the right person a couple wants to trust with their most memorable day? Do they want to have you attend their wedding to record as they take vows?

unique wedding videographer_unique videography

Let’s point out some of the ways that can help you grow as a unique videographer:

  • Prior introduction and communication is a must. And we mean communication with the couple, the venue attendants and managers and the family of the couple. These communications would let you know beforehand about the planned couple dances, or functions, or a dramatic entry. Also, visiting the venue would ensure your preferred position to stand or fix your equipment. Or whether a handheld videography would be more apt.
  • Carry both your heavy professional gadgets as well as the handy ones. You never know which one you would need when especially when the shots are to be taken from a distance or candid moments.
  • Keep necessary backups ready for audio inputs. Remember, “I-Do’s” are not a pose, and not repetitive! That explains much, doesn’t it?
  • Don’t avoid capturing the typical and traditional shots. Be experimental, but do have its own dose of traditional shots in the video.
  • Get yourself prepared with low light situations. Venues normally dim the lights post the dinner to let the party begin. Remember, the lights have been dimmed for a purpose, and hence don’t be a spoiler by using unnecessary flashy lights.
  • Stabilize your shots. Ofcourse! And undoubtedly so.

Ridge Weddings is a provider of wedding videography where extra care is taken to capture moments with utmost concern. A production house that has been into practice for 11 long years has received several positive reviews and responses from every couple they have worked for. If you are the next one to hire them, contact them on https://ridgeweddings.net/

Why need Wedding Videos – 3 Selected Reasons

Don’t we all frequently gets completely awed by the gorgeous and emotional wedding videos posted online every now and then? Your wedding day is one of the happiest days. Won’t you want the aisle moment, the vows or the classic dance moves of your grandpa to be cherished forever?

amazing-wedding-videos_ridge weddings

Videography is certainly an added expense, but think about it once again. Isn’t it all worth the money and hype?

Making everything perfect for the wedding day is definitely a big concern. However, you should understand, you cannot with all of your loved ones attending the event at the same time. There will be fun in the other corner when you are getting ready or when you are taking the vow. It is those amazing wedding videos that will let you revisit the moments every time you see them.

So here’s a list why we think you should get a videographer to make your big day memorable in the most fun ways:

  • As the how to film the special day

From the guests coming in to the friends howling and making a farrago, let the professional wedding videographer capture all the small details to make the special day look special even after years into the marriage.

  • Share it with those who missed the event

The friends or relatives staying or with other prior commitments might unfortunately have to miss the day. For those loved ones, these amazing wedding videos will show what they were missed and how. Also, most of the videographers share the online link to make them able on the social media platforms.

  • You know how not all moments are same

An experienced wedding photographer will try their best to get most of the moments snapped, but a videographer will hold the event in its entirety. From the shied aisle walk to the first kiss as newlyweds, everything remains filmed forever.

If you or any of your friends or folks are planning to get the wedding day shot and hoping for cinematic exposure that will also bring out the most creative vision and passion for storytelling, the team of ridgeweddings.net knows how to do it in the most professional way. Visit https://ridgeweddings.net/ to find out more about their body of work which they have mastered in the last 11 years and still continue to make each client cherish their work.

A Unique Wedding Videographer Is Known By The Shots 📷 📷

Wedding happens for a day but, its memories stay for lifetime. And, who else than a videographer can frame your wedding diary! There are always some little incidents occurring in a wedding ceremony that the brides and the grooms miss out. In reality, the event stretches far beyond the customs and traditions. Being a bride or a groom, you cannot afford to miss the petite episodes.

unique wedding videographer_Ridge Weddings

Hiring a professional to shoot your wedding is the ideal way to envelope the moments. Also, an expert possesses unique suggestions on potential shots. So, consider a fresh-faced meeting with your videographer and discuss on the list of moments to film. Here are some of the clip ideas that you can deem to discuss with your videographer –

  • The lively dressing room ambiance

Dressing rooms, especially of the brides, are one place to be in. A certain excitement prevails in the air as her mother and the bridesmaids share the room as well. The ambiance seems quite jovial with everyone disclosing their bit of stories. A unique wedding videographer is the one who captures those moments, deftly.

  • Your confused face during hair styling

Before putting on the wedding dress, a bride definitely visits the hair stylist. Utter confusions and mess is an integral part of this episode. Here’s another great opportunity for the videographers. On filming this occasion, there remains a fun clip to view later. He or she may name the file as ‘making of a bride’.

  • The glamour of reception and libations

Today, most of the brides and grooms arrange for a reception party after the grand wedding. The place, often, sees a bartender performing stunning libations in the corner. Full of glamour and glitter, that’s one of a shot to prove self a unique wedding videographer.

  • Some impromptu and candid footages

Be it a bride or groom, everyone enjoys candid moments on their wedding. Framing those instances is one of a unique idea for the videographers. For that, the expert needs to alert and ready all the time, with the DSLR. These impromptu footages, later, recall the memories from the big day.

  • Chitchat sessions with close friends

Friends get together on the wedding day is one among the amazing elements to happen. Needless to say, these gangs create memories of their own. One, who is a unique wedding videographer, must not miss filming these beautiful moments.

Deem to discuss the aforementioned clip ideas to make your wedding special in every aspect. For professional and unique wedding videographer, you may consider contact Ridge Weddings. With potential ideas, it is one of the leading names in the market. Call at (818) 202-4742 to get your free quote, now!