What Exactly a Wedding Videographer does to make it Unique?

Videography isn’t any rocket science. All you need is a video recording device and flair to see through it to capture the right things at the right moments. But then, that’s not it. You have to work on yourself to evolve as a unique wedding videographer. And you have to look into yourself whether you are the right person a couple wants to trust with their most memorable day? Do they want to have you attend their wedding to record as they take vows?

unique wedding videographer_unique videography

Let’s point out some of the ways that can help you grow as a unique videographer:

  • Prior introduction and communication is a must. And we mean communication with the couple, the venue attendants and managers and the family of the couple. These communications would let you know beforehand about the planned couple dances, or functions, or a dramatic entry. Also, visiting the venue would ensure your preferred position to stand or fix your equipment. Or whether a handheld videography would be more apt.
  • Carry both your heavy professional gadgets as well as the handy ones. You never know which one you would need when especially when the shots are to be taken from a distance or candid moments.
  • Keep necessary backups ready for audio inputs. Remember, “I-Do’s” are not a pose, and not repetitive! That explains much, doesn’t it?
  • Don’t avoid capturing the typical and traditional shots. Be experimental, but do have its own dose of traditional shots in the video.
  • Get yourself prepared with low light situations. Venues normally dim the lights post the dinner to let the party begin. Remember, the lights have been dimmed for a purpose, and hence don’t be a spoiler by using unnecessary flashy lights.
  • Stabilize your shots. Ofcourse! And undoubtedly so.

Ridge Weddings is a provider of wedding videography where extra care is taken to capture moments with utmost concern. A production house that has been into practice for 11 long years has received several positive reviews and responses from every couple they have worked for. If you are the next one to hire them, contact them on https://ridgeweddings.net/


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