A Unique Wedding Videographer Is Known By The Shots 📷 📷

Wedding happens for a day but, its memories stay for lifetime. And, who else than a videographer can frame your wedding diary! There are always some little incidents occurring in a wedding ceremony that the brides and the grooms miss out. In reality, the event stretches far beyond the customs and traditions. Being a bride or a groom, you cannot afford to miss the petite episodes.

unique wedding videographer_Ridge Weddings

Hiring a professional to shoot your wedding is the ideal way to envelope the moments. Also, an expert possesses unique suggestions on potential shots. So, consider a fresh-faced meeting with your videographer and discuss on the list of moments to film. Here are some of the clip ideas that you can deem to discuss with your videographer –

  • The lively dressing room ambiance

Dressing rooms, especially of the brides, are one place to be in. A certain excitement prevails in the air as her mother and the bridesmaids share the room as well. The ambiance seems quite jovial with everyone disclosing their bit of stories. A unique wedding videographer is the one who captures those moments, deftly.

  • Your confused face during hair styling

Before putting on the wedding dress, a bride definitely visits the hair stylist. Utter confusions and mess is an integral part of this episode. Here’s another great opportunity for the videographers. On filming this occasion, there remains a fun clip to view later. He or she may name the file as ‘making of a bride’.

  • The glamour of reception and libations

Today, most of the brides and grooms arrange for a reception party after the grand wedding. The place, often, sees a bartender performing stunning libations in the corner. Full of glamour and glitter, that’s one of a shot to prove self a unique wedding videographer.

  • Some impromptu and candid footages

Be it a bride or groom, everyone enjoys candid moments on their wedding. Framing those instances is one of a unique idea for the videographers. For that, the expert needs to alert and ready all the time, with the DSLR. These impromptu footages, later, recall the memories from the big day.

  • Chitchat sessions with close friends

Friends get together on the wedding day is one among the amazing elements to happen. Needless to say, these gangs create memories of their own. One, who is a unique wedding videographer, must not miss filming these beautiful moments.

Deem to discuss the aforementioned clip ideas to make your wedding special in every aspect. For professional and unique wedding videographer, you may consider contact Ridge Weddings. With potential ideas, it is one of the leading names in the market. Call at (818) 202-4742 to get your free quote, now!


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