Essential Tips for Event Videography

Videographers capture once-in-a-lifetime moments. So whether it is you wedding, birthday or graduation party, you’re going to need a videographer. Simple, right?

Well, no.

The professional consensus of hiring videographers is to research portfolios online alongside confirming the availability for the dates.

event videography Los Angeles

Working with an experienced videographer

There are certain factors which any experienced person of event videography in Los Angeles will keep a track of before shooting the event. If you are a first time event videographer, here’s what you need to be aware of:

  • Planning

It is essential to get your things planned before getting into the vent. For instance, batteries charged, get an extra charger, have sufficient memory cards so that there is no embarrassing moment. Also, communicate with the staff to make sure you can move around easily across the venue. Speak with the authorities beforehand if it requires special permission to shoot at some areas.

  • Prepare for the list

Just like the gears, you should also have the sketchy idea of what kind of shots you want to have. There might be too many ‘special’ moments during the event and selecting the best one would be definitely not an easy task. Get yourself prepared beforehand.

  • Be prepared for the worst

No one knows when a problem will arise. Chances of camera failures, broken adaptors, bad cables, missing media, or accident with the gear are all mishaps that would affect the end result. Be prepared with extra equipment and resources to tackle such situations.

Are you the organizer?

If this is your first time of organizing event videography in Los Angeles, here’s a basic set of questions you can ask them before finalizing:

  • What is the film style
  • Have they ever shot at the said venue
  • What is the area of expertise
  • How do they work with photographers before and during the event
  • How do they ensure quality sound
  • If they intend to use any special effects
  • How will the lighting be done
  • Examples of previous work done

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4 thoughts on “Essential Tips for Event Videography

  1. mrchristianchavez

    The first time on any type/genre of shoot can be awkward. I think the planning and preparations is really good advice to help smooth out the shoot. But how do you express that you are in control of everything even though you may feel like you are not?


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