4 Facts why Wedding Videography Matter

Let’s go by our instincts. Is it mandatory having a keepsake like a wedding film? Well, we all know the answer.

It is definitely not the priority for everyone. The focus is always more on creating a truly magical evening for the guests and obviously for yourselves.

wedding videography Los Angeles

If you have to choose between capturing memories and experiencing them with the special ones, it’s completely fair to choose the later. But what if you can do both? Apart from framing the emotions on reel, there are some other advantages why you should, even if it leaves a pinch in your pocket, go for the wedding videography in Los Angeles.

  • The feel of the moment

The still frames capture a moment but videos capture both the movement and the sound. The wheeze at the first look, the laughter of your dear ones, watching the first kiss of the newlyweds – there’s nothing that captures better than the wedding videos.

  • Editing the nostalgia

A professional videographer will not only capture the raw footage but also tidy up with the perfect sound and cuts to add the emotional quotient. The simple love story of the couple is turned into what is no less than a fairy tale.

  • See what you missed

The wedding day passes away too quickly and it is impossible to note what happened in every corner of the house. But who would want to miss the shenanigans? The videographers will keep it filmed so that you can enjoy all the gossips later. See your parents dancing cheek-to-cheek, that old uncle gulping down the sweets or your mother-in-law shed a tear during the vow!

  • Share with your friends and family

There might be people from your family who missed the event due to prior commitments. Make them watch the big day event on the sharing platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo. Some videographers make short clips which can be edited on the social media.

Being one of the leading wedding media companies in Southern California, Ridge Weddings promises to make your big day turn special through their story telling acumen.


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