Big Day Captured Right with Wedding Photos and Videos

Each wedding ceremony is unique and has its own story linked to it. How the photographs and videos are made cast a huge difference in the story telling. Finding the right photographers and videographers for your own wedding ceremony can take up a lot of your time through research and budgeting.

To choose the perfect wedding photography and videography agency, make sure you take care of some of the basic factors. Photographing marriages, or for that matter of any special day is not a foreign concept. But when you need to keep all those moments of laughter and happiness intact even after years into your marriage, videography becomes a must option.

But getting both the professionals on board can be difficult, specially in terms of the wedding budget. Here’s why hiring them together can be a feasible option:-

  • Better communication with better workflow

A team of photographer-videographer can anticipate each other’s style of work, position and other related aspects. This also helps to reduce the number of unnecessary shots. The synergies between the video and still teams will translate into a better final product.

  • Shared incentives and accountability

Being professionals, both of them would want to get the ideal frames of the event. However, hiring the same company photographer and videographer leads to both the teams being more cooperative and willing to share, coordinate and communicate. At the end what will come out is an aesthetically pleasing final combined product.

  • In-sync creative ideas

Combined photography and videography option infuses a consistent quality and style of work. also, you might not have to redo the same think over and over again – one posing for the cameraman, two posing for the videographer.

  • Money saving

Last but not the least, wedding photography and videography from the same agency can help you save some money as they would offer package discounts.

With more than eleven years in the industry, the team of Ridge Weddings has developed is a trusted name when it comes to professionalism and storytelling. With their creative vision along with cinematic style, you can see some of the best works of the team


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