Top Things you must tell your Wedding Photographers and Videographers

Finding the right photographers and videographers for your own wedding ceremony can be a daunting task. Not the cakes, not the flowers, what would remain forever are the wedding photos.

ridge weddings

To choose the perfect wedding photography and videography agency, make sure you take care of some of the basic elements.

Discuss in length about all the must-have moments you want them to capture. Give your photographers and videographers a detailed idea about all the visual references you have in mind. Let them do their thing but you can always speak up your demands. If you have any reference from a magazine or film or an old photo shoot, share it with the professionals to help them decide how to recreate them differently.

The professional photographers and videographers will perforce focus more on the big events and the actions. However, you need to tell them about the specific quirky and meaningful little things that you want to add in the story.

Uncertainty prevails in deciding whether or not to opt for both videography and photography. On the wedding day, you cannot be in every part of the event. The videographers would capture those never-seen-before moments of your grandpa getting in the grooves or your mother-in-law squinting for another glass of wine. The snaps of course can make to the shelf for rejoicing the moments forever.

With more than eleven years in the industry, the team of Ridge Weddings has developed the perfect mix of professionalism and storytelling.


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