Why will you Choose Destination Wedding?


Still undecided where to exchange rings and vows to your lady love? Your abode or church is the common option, however, if you want to do something unique and adventures, choose the destination wedding. Far away from your familiar surroundings, in a gorgeous or serene place amidst your near ones, would not you like to start a new journey with your lady? Your answer will obviously be ‘yes’.

While one out of five couples is choosing destination wedding, a thought might come to your mind why to choose such an option. Here are the reasons:

  • You will stand out from the pack
  • Your guest list will be smaller
  • You are guaranteed to have gorgeous photos
  • You can save on décor
  • Enjoy quality times with loved ones
  • It is once-in-a-lifetime reunion opportunity

After planning and investing, your destination wedding comes alive. Would not you like to capture the moments along with the essence of place, the music, dance steps, movements and senses that you will make it a story of your love, hire destination wedding videographer?

By harnessing their creative genius, experience, and expertise on this field, they will frame the moments of your special day. Ridge Weddings is the ultimate choice for the ones who want to capture their special day in a movie-like manner. All of their professionals are certified and experienced in this field.


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