Mistakes to be wary of

Undoubtedly, the wedding day is the most important day in a couple’s lifetime. And, the next important one is the memories of the D-day. Couples mostly hire professionals for wedding photography and videography.


Mistakes People Make

However, some common mistakes made by couples can ruin wedding videos and photographs.

Here’s a list of the mistakes couples must be wary of.

  • Wedding budgets are high and couples often try to cut corners. In a bid to do so, they make the mistake of hiring a wedding videographer, who fits into their budget rather than checking their skills. The right thing is to do due research before hiring.
  • Some couples go even further in budgeting by removing the wedding videographer completely. They often repent later. However, capturing memories of important occasions like these are important.
  • In fact, some couples even request their friend, who is good with the camera to shoot the wedding. However, lack of professionalism and experience mostly fail to deliver the best results.
  • Wedding video trends keep changing. They come and go. The style you find humorous and interesting now may not feel the same at a later date. It is better to go for an evergreen style.


  • Couples often keep a lot of information to themselves and fail to share the same with the wedding videographer. However, not sharing information leads to problems later. Communication with the professional is an essential for the best wedding videos and photographs. Expressing your requirements, introduction with family and friends and more so are essential.
  • Not finalizing the wedding days and dates with the videographer can lead to a complete mess.

With all these in place and a professional like Ridge Weddings, you are bound to get the best wedding videos with memories to be treasured for a lifetime.


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