Understanding Different Wedding Video Styles

Handing over your wedding videography and photography to anyone is challenging. Weddings happen only once and there’s no chance for a retake. You would therefore, not want to make a mistake in choosing the wedding videographer to shoot your wedding. What’s more, since you will enjoy the videos and photographs for a lifetime, you want nothing less than the best.

Most couples are therefore, on the lookout for a unique wedding videographer; capable of shooting the wedding in the best and unique style.

Different Wedding Video Styles

Some couples would like their wedding videos to be in Hollywood style, some would like it to be shot in exactly the way it was on the wedding day and others would like it in some other style.

unique wedding videographer

It is therefore important to discuss the style of the wedding videographer before choosing him for your wedding videography and photography.

However, it is important for you to understand the different styles to finalize the one for your wedding.

Here are the different styles of wedding videos.


As the name refers, it is the recording of the wedding in exactly the way it was on the day of the wedding. Such wedding videos are free from any special effects, additions or subtractions.

Cinematic Style:

This style has gained immense popularity in the recent past. It looks more or less like a Hollywood movie, with the best shots edited in a way to create a story in the most mesmerizing way. Here the memories are captured at the event and then edited in a way to create a movie like wedding video.

Most couples these days prefer the cinematic style wedding. Another advantage of the cinematic style wedding video is that it is not too long. It can be easily sent to friends, who were missing on the D-day.

However, not all wedding videographers can justify the cinematic style wedding video. You need to hire an expert and experienced wedding videographer like Ridge Production Weddings. In fact, they also play the role of destination wedding videographer and are experts at their job.

So, get the best wedding videos created by Ridge Production Weddings.

For further details, contact them at ridgeproductionweddings.com


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